Despite the economic and environmental hurdles, reactivating and increasing nuclear power is likely to be in step with the US‘s goals to establish clean energy.

To these struggles in Melania Trump’s life, one has to add her husband’s conviction and his possible imprisonment; at the same time, Trump continues to stay strong, dealing with continuous legal battles and appeals.

Students’ rights and safety at UCLA: the strike reflects on safety and free speech issues, heightened by pro-Palestine demonstrations, prompting a national discussion on how campuses address protests.

The litigative case brings into focus legal compliance and equity in terms of redistricting, in bid to challenge racially discriminative districting and uphold the integrity of South Florida multiculturalism.

Trump’s fundraiser success prove support of the energy industry to Trump’s policies in this area while proving political controversy and criticism in the future of energy security and the environment.

Trump’s statement regarding reproductive freedom illustrates the challenges of interpreting states’ rights and policy concerns over women’s obstetrics and gynecology care access.

Georgia's Supreme Court Justice election, which was a result of Governor Kemp's considerable financial backing, shows the connection between the judicial appointments, partisan politics, and social issues, and its impact is not only on the court's composition but also on other social issues.