McGuire Narrowly Beats Good, Recount to Follow

Republican U.S. Representative Bob Good
Republican U.S. Representative Bob Good. Credit | REUTERS

United States — Republican U.S. Representative Bob Good, the leader of a hard-line House group eliminated in a Virginia primary for his seat, was upset by state Senator John McGuire, who was backed by Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

Immediately, Good, the chair of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, called for a recount.

Narrow Victory for McGuire

McGuire, a former Navy SEAL, triumphed in 50.3% of the vote, while Good polled 49.7%, the state election agency said, two weeks after the June 18 primary. It is legal under state law to conduct a recount when the margin of victory is this slim, as reported by Reuters.

Recount Request

“We will pursue the recount to settle any questions about the fairness or transparency of the election process,” Diana Shores, Good’s campaign manager, said in a statement.

The winner of the recount is expected to win the overwhelmingly Republican-leaning southern Virginia district in the Nov. 5 election, which will cover the control of the White House and both the chambers of Congress.

Tensions with Trump and Party Moderates

Good has annoyed former President Trump by supporting politician Ron DeSantis in his Republican presidential primaries against Trump while moving to support Trump after DeSantis pulled out, as reported by Reuters.

Good also upset centrist Republicans because he supported a bid to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy in October, a move that inaugurated a series of weeks-long squabbles and acrimony among Republicans as they sought to unify on a successor.