Internal Tensions Rise in Democratic Party as President Faces Media

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos Former White House Communications Director
Former U.S. President Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos Former White House Communications Director. Credit | REUTERS

United States – Ex-President Trump decried George Stephanopoulos as the ABC News anchor he has deemed the ‘meanest and most vicious Interviewer out there’ ahead of Biden’s interview with him later in the day on Friday.

On a recent write-up on his Truth Social platform, Trump taunted the ABC anchor as “George Slopadopoulos” and labeled his network as “FAKE NEWS ABC, one of the worst and most vile Broadcasters in the business.”

Accusations of Media Bias

The former president also highlighted that one of their reporters was Brian Ross, who he said was fired for including wrong information at the time when there was an interaction between Russian officials and Flynn during the 2016 election, as reported by The Hills.

“Now ABC and Liddle’ George, a tiny, angry man, can make up for their past indiscretions and journalistic failures by doing a real interview with Crooked Joe, not a cut-up promotion with only his few coherent answers released to the public,” Trump wrote.

Legal Disputes and Media Relations

The former president has a history with Stephanopoulos and the network: He sued the two in March following the interview the ABC News anchor had with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S. C.) Regarding the questioning with Stephanopoulos that Trump had been found liable for rape, when, in actual sense, Trump was found liable for sexual abuse.

Biden’s Upcoming Interview

Biden plans to have an interview with Stephanopoulos that will be aired on Friday evening. President Biden plans to ease concerns about his age and fitness to be president following his poor performance in the debate held last week. The interview with ABC will be Biden’s first one since the debate, as reported by The Hills.

However, several House Democrats and other members of the Democratic party have began to urge Biden to quit the race which has left many questioning the future of the party in regard to their roll call to nominate their presidential candidate and in the up coming Democratic National Convention that is slated for next month.