Hunter Biden Withdraws Motion for New Trial in Gun Case

Hunter Biden Withdraws Motion for New Trial in Gun Case
Hunter Biden Withdraws Motion for New Trial in Gun Case. Credit | Getty images

United States – On Monday, lawyers representing Hunter Biden, the son of the U. S. President Joe Biden, on Monday, removed the filing of a new trial in his federal gun case shortly after it was posted in the docket of the Delaware federal court was captured in a screenshot on a court document website, as reported by Reuters.

The stenographic note filed on the docket website said the following to clear this issue: “The Motion for a New Trial (formerly DI 233) has been deleted at the request of counsel, this is a correcting entry. ”

Biden’s lawyers have thus failed to respond to a request for their comment on the action. A representative of the government prosecutors did not want to talk about it.

Son of President Found Guilty

Hunter Biden was convicted of a felony this month that, makes him the first child of a sitting president to be so. A jury convicted him on all three counts in connection with his false statements about past drug use when buying the pistol in 2018.

Other related incidents on the case have been removed from the docket and then replaced with the proper entries at a later date.

The withdrawn motion claimed that while the case went to trial at the U. S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, it lacked jurisdiction.

Unresolved Appeal

During the trial, Hunter Biden had a motion that had not been heard, which sought the approval of the full U. S Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit in Philadelphia to review the orders by the U. S District Judge Maryellen Noreika, who dismissed the charges, as reported by Reuters.

Noreika had dismissed the argument that the gun charges should be dropped after the U. S Supreme Court, in a decision made in 2022, enlarged the right to bear arms.

While a three-judge panel of the appeals court in Philadelphia confirmed Noreika’s decision, the appeals court has not made a decision on a motion for reconsideration of the appeal by Hunter Biden.